An Incredible Honor

Okay folks, I rarely share the handwritten letters and emails I get about my book cuz they are just too personal. But this one is just too cool NOT to share.

“Dear Mr. Castro, My name is Major Sergeant General Brian Thomas. Recently while escorting students through the Center for the Intrepid, I saw a copy of your book CRITICAL CHOICES THAT CHANGE LIVES. I asked the Director if I could have a copy and began reading it. I was amazed at how many areas of your book mirrored what we are trying to teach the students within our program. I also asked for another copy to share with our primary instructor for the Army Center of Enhanced Performance.

I would love to sit down with you over lunch to discuss our programs and to see the feasibility of sharing knowledge, and if I am lucky enough to convince you into speaking at the Center For the Intrepid. My students consist of Nurses, Doctors, Commanders and Non-Commissioned Officers that oversee the care of our injured and ill population. These injured/ill populations are assigned to Warrior Transition Units throughout the Army both here in the States as well as Europe. Hope to hear from you.”

I am deeply humbled and honored by this request. The Center For the Intrepid is the military’s brand-spankin new state of the art rehab center in San Antonio for injured soldiers coming back from the war.

I’m almost speechless.


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