When is it okay to be addicted?

We instinctively want more of that good feeling we get at the moment of discovery. Over the years, our knowledge has advanced to the point that we even know the exact chemical in our bodies that is responsible for that good feeling. It’s called dopamine.
Dopamine is a chemical just like any other chemical, and it can become addicting. We not only want more, we want it all the time. Perhaps this is what drove early man out of their caves, even when they had all the food, water and shelter they needed. Early man began to explore solely for the sake of exploration, solely for that moment of discovery. We wanted better shelter, better clothes, better food, and better mating opportunities. Humans are the only species that will keep looking for more, for new, and for improved versions of what he already has even though what he has is perfectly satisfying his needs. Why? Because the quest itself is the reward.