What are you willing to walk away from?

The entire plan consisted of a single triangle. Each corner of the triangle represented one of the major cities in Texas: (1) Dallas; (2) Houston; and (3) San Antonio. There would be no hub. Instead, the airplanes would fly round and round in a circle. The airline would only serve those three cities. By staying small and efficient, they could keep costs low. This would bring the prices of tickets down to an affordable level so that anyone could fly. In short, Kelleher wanted to democratize the skies.

I imagine Kelleher coming home one day and having the following conversation:

HERB:                        “Honey, I’m leaving it all to start my own airline!”

WIFE:             “You want to start a what?”

HERB:                        “An airline!”

WIFE:                         “Howard, have you ever been on a plane?”

HERB:                        “Yes, twice!”

WIFE:                         “Do you own an airplane I don’t know about?”

HERB:                        “Nope.”

WIFE:             “Do you know anyone who owns an airplane?”

HERB:                        “Nope.”

WIFE:                         “Can we afford to buy an airplane?”

HERB:                        “Nope.”

WIFE:             “Do you have any experience, education, or training in running an airline?”

HERB:                        “Nope.”

WIFE:             “Herb . . . . . . have you been taking your medication?”